LED photomodulation is the latest form of phototherapy focusing on the cosmetic treatment of skin. This new approach has the remarkable unique ability to safely activate important cellular processes. It is an exciting anti-aging therapy that creates impressive skin rejuvenation.

LED photomodulation uses light just as nature does. Unlike some forms of phototherapy such as Laser or IPL, which actually insult or injure the skin, LED photomodulation bathes the skin in a rich and luxurious concentrated flood of life enhancing light.

Technically, this natural approach is described as non-invasive, non-thermal and non-ablative. It means no tissue is damaged, burned or cut.

The reason Laser and IPL must be performed by a medical staff is that they present a risk of injury, are potentially dangerous when used by non-certified technicians, may deliver unwanted temporary side effects and can be quite painful.

LED photomodulation can be performed by any skin care practitioner and is simple, safe, comfortable and surprisingly effective.

The primary goal of non-ablative skin rejuvenation is the stimulation of new collagen and the increase in local circulation to visibly improve the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots without disturbance or damage to the epidermis.

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