With photomodulation, it is the amount of photons that creates the effect and not the heat that is converted from the photon stream.

Look younger with better, smoother skin. Your friends will notice a dramatic difference in your improved appearance almost immediately.

Roll back the years with this long lasting breakthrough technology developed by doctors and engineers.

Phototherapy is a powerful and effective stand-alone therapy that can also be combined with active cosmetics and other skin care procedures. Dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons and skin care specialists around the world have repeatedly seen excellent and long lasting results.

DermavescenceĀ® has many benefits:

  • manages the ageing process provides
  • therapeutic correction of dermo-aesthetic conditions
  • increases micro-circulation
  • decongesting acne, rosacea
  • restores elasticity to thickened skin caused through solar damage
  • improves quality of skin structure
  • encourages the deposition of new collagen
  • helps manage acne, congested redness
  • reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • maintains quality of skin life
  • creates a more youthful appearance

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