Light doses ranging from 1.0 to 6.0 Jcm-2 in the frequency range of 560nm-780nm (Orange-Red) have been proven to be most effective for skin rejuvenation treatments that relate to rehabilitation of the microcirculation and encouragement of fibroblast activity.

Light therapies may use either constant, unchanging light or light that quickly pulses on and off.

Techniques that pulse the light at specific cycles or codes (on-time and off-time) have been proven more effective and the technique/devices are colloquially known LED Photomodulation.

Dermavescence is a pulsed light device and offers all of the benefits of Photomodulation.

Photo: The light emitted by the LED’s is absorbed by epidermal cells and produces a remarkable cascade of events.

Increased Fibroblast activity and collagen synthesis are some of the results.

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